Drive with Wave Express

If you’re looking for a family-like, professional atmosphere, you’ve found the right place.


Why Drive

Just a few of the benefits of being a contractor at Wave:

  • Online load board
  • 24/7 drop off at most dealers
  • No Pull-Out Fees
  • Pay: $1.25-1.35/mile
  • Driver discounts at hotels, auto part stores, and more
  • CDL Bonus
  • Recruiting Bonus

Become a contractor


Must be at least 25 years or older.


  • 25,000 verifiable miles of over-the-road combination hauling experience
  • Class A CDL preferred. Operator’s license is acceptable to drive commercially.
  • No more than one ticket within the last three years. Within the last 10 years, no DUI, OWI, DWI, DWI-E, and more. Contact us for complete list.
  • Good MVR and CSA score
  • A complete 10-year work history including accounting for any employment gaps including retirement, self-employment and/or unemployment.


Wave Express requires you pass:

  • Company road test during orientation
  • DOT Physical
  • Drug test

Wave Express requires all contractors to have a $1,000,000 Unladen Insurance Policy. We no longer accept bobtail or Non Trucking Liability.

Contact us for complete requirements.


  • ¾ or 1 ton pickup truck (SUVs and Vans are not permitted)
  • Current, completed DOT Inspection of truck
  • Must be clean with minimal rust. No dents in the body of the truck. No cracks in the windows of the truck.
  • Class III Hitch or better mounted to truck frame and rated 10K or higher. No bumper-mounted hitches permitted.
  • Standard 8-foot bed preferred
  • Extended or extendable mirrors
  • Fire extinguisher mounted and readily accessible from driver’s seat.
  • Rear mud flaps that drop to no more than 4” from ground
  • If pulling fifth wheels, no fixed objects in the bed of the truck that extend above the bed rails
  • (Optional) fifth wheel hitch rated at least 20K
  • Transporter plates rented from Wave Express
  • Activated Smart phone with voicemail set up