Heavy January Load Volume

Now leasing on new drivers

5,000 safety mile bonus for all new drivers attending January orientations
10,000 safety mile bonus if you have like RV carrier history within 1 year


Got a pickup truck? Haul RVs and get paid. 

Drive to earn, with the open road in front of you and a family company at your back. If you’ve got a ¾ ton or larger pickup truck, and are looking for income, whether part-time or full, work with Wave Express where we treat drivers better.

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Wave Express is the new wave of transportation – full transparency with drivers and customers, unparalleled industry knowledge, and service that will make you feel like family.


Always know exactly what’s expected, and what loads are available, all online.


Wave has been hauling for the nation’s largest dealers for over a decade.


Drive for people you know and trust, who always have your back.


As a boutique RV transportation company, Wave Express is hyper-focused on fast, reliable delivery of your units. With experienced drivers, and a commitment to professionalism and safety, we’ll deliver exceptional service load after load. Plus, never guess again where your delivery is, with our online load boards that provide full transparency.


"Working for Wave Express has been very rewarding! It is a smaller transport company where everybody knows your name and treats you like family."
Wave Express RV Transport
"I love driving for Wave. The pay is good and the 24/7 pickup option is huge!"
Wave Express RV Transport

The Wave Blog

What does Wave do?

Let’s get real specific on what we’re doing here. Wave Express is an RV transporter working directly with RV dealers across the country. Our contract drivers use their own pickup trucks to pull 5th wheel or bumper-pull RVs. Drivers are independent contractors and are required to supply their own truck and equipment. To driver for Wave Express, please go here.

women in trucking wave expressWave Express is a proud supporter of Women In Trucking